Cut & Style

Women’s Haircut$55+
Men’s Haircut $45+
Children’s Cut$45+
10 years and under
Bang Trim $15
Thermal Add-On
Blow Dry $45+
Price is also dependent on density, length and texture
Blow Dry & Updo $85+

Hair Color

From plants, non-petroleum minerals or water

Hair Color Touch up$65+
Glossing Shine Treatment $35+
Men’s Hair Color Blending $45
Partial Highlights / Touch-Up$80+
Full Highlights / Touch-Up $200+
Half Head Highlights $150+
Balayage / Ombre $200+
Enlightening and Tone $100+
Color Correction / Change of Color*

*Price upon consultation

Botanical Repair™ Hair Treatments

Customize treatment to meet your special need, your hair will look and feel healthier and shiny

Scalp & Hair Detox $20+
Moisture & Repair $15
Express Rescue $15
Straightening Treatment
Soft Keratin Treatment $200